Data of Singles in Palawan

The season for couples and lovers is here!

But there’s a demographic group in Palawan who are not very excited – the Singles. Here’s a little report on the demographics of this particular group based on the latest available information from the Philippine Statistics Authority Census on Population and Housing.

4 out of 10 Palaweños are Single

According to the PSA report, 43% or 362,458 Palaweños age 10 years old and over are single. They are never married citizens excluding live-in partners. Most of them (56%) are males.

More Single Males, but more Married Females

In the same report, it was observed that there are more Single Males than Married ones. In contrast, Married Females outnumber the Single ladies.

Accounting all municipalities in Palawan and Puerto Princesa, data shows that only in Balabac, Bataraza, Kalayaan, Rizal, and Sofronio Española are Married Males more than the Singles. The rest especially in Puerto Princesa where there’s almost 40% difference between the number of Singles and Married ones.

On the other hand, Females are more the marrying types, wherein there are more Married Females than Singles ones except for Cagayancillo and Coron.

Average age of Singles is 19.5 years old

Based on the available data at PSA, the computed average age for all Singles is 19.52 years old. Data for Males reveal a slightly higher average age of 20.22 years old compared to Females with average age of 18.61 years old.

Puerto Princesa has most number of Singles

Both in Male and Female, Puerto Princesa is found to have the highest number of Singles in Palawan. The rest of the ranks is shown below:

Do you have other information about Singles in Palawan that you would like to share or to know? Leave us a comment.

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