When you’re too busy or simply lazy, ask ‘favors’.

Do you have moments when you are overloaded of things to do or simply not in the mood to prepare your own meal? Then you hope you could ask a friend to grab something for you or have your meal delivered at your doorsteps.

Now, it’s possible for Puerto Princesans too with Favors, a delivery service that mainly connects local businesses to people and does some errands for their customers.

Photo courtesy of Favors.

When you place a request with Favors, they would receive it and assign a delivery partner to pick up the order to bring it to the requestor. They operate daily from 9AM until 9PM.

This new service provider in Puerto Princesa City already served hundreds of satisfied clients in its pilot month. It also has a growing community of partner riders who do the deliveries for them.

Making a request is actually easy. You just call their hotline at 0965 916 1388 and a customer service assistant would gladly process your bookings.

Photo courtesy of Favors.

Their delivery services are not limited to food orders. You may also ask them to deliver something you forgot in the office or at home, buy your medicines, equipment, and a lot more at very minimal service fees from P70 to P120 only per drop off.

The FACES behind FAVORS. Photo courtesy of Favors.

Favors is managed by a young and dynamic team, who plans to expand their services thru a downloadable mobile app in the future.

For more details about Favors, visit their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/favorsdeliveryservice.

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