Living in Palawan

One of the best things in living in Palawan is the abundance of opportunities to watch magnificent sunrises and sunsets without too much cost.

The entire province is blessed with a location and topography that allow nature lovers to be at awe almost every dawn and every dusk witnessing how skies turn to bittersweet splashes of pinks and yellows then slowly reaching that climactic red orange heavenly canvas.

Maybe because the love for nature in Palawan is apparent to the stories and deeds of its people, many outsiders (those who have not been in the province) thought that living in these island province is as simple and as rural as a stereotypical barrio scene.

It is funny at times to see friends from other places be in amazement to learn that we also have internet, malls, and even Jollibee here. Albeit sometimes insulting, this misconception about the life in Palawan adds to its mysterious charm.

Good thing though is that the old stigma for Palawan as host to the prison without bars (i.e. Iwahig Penal Colony), the leprosy asylum (i.e. Culion), and the Malaria outbreak are now replaced by wonderful news about the amazing things Palawan has to offer.

Living in Palawan now gives a lot of opportunities comparable to the metros. Business, employment, education, and even medical opportunities are now starting to grow and developing at an exponential rate. We now have international airports, BPO companies, malls, and national and international franchises that augment the profitability and service offerings of the province.

Despite all these signs of development, Palawan still has its natural charm that no other developing city holds. This could be traced through the efforts of the government, NGOs, and the people to take on the pursuit of progress without sacrificing the environment.

As long as the core social values of the stakeholders of development in the province do not change, we all could still hope to maintain and sustain the beauty and magnificence of this best island in the world – Palawan.